The Wolf Blass & Bleasdale Story

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Wolf Blass – he is after all, an icon of the Australian wine industry. What you may not know however, is of Wolf’s long-standing connection with Langhorne Creek and Bleasdale.

Wolf made his way to Bleasdale as a consultant winemaker in the early 1960s; a period of significant change for Bleasdale, with table wines the new focus after over 100 years of solely fortified winemaking. This is where Wolf’s experience came in, helping to establish Bleasdale’s new red and white table wines in the styles of the day.  

This time spent at Bleasdale also helped to establish Wolf’s appreciation for the quiet achiever that is (and was even more so in the ‘60s) Langhorne Creek, and it was with Langhorne Creek fruit that he made his first wines under the famous Wolf Blass label in 1967. And when Wolf won back-to-back-to-back Jimmy Watson trophies in 1974, 1975 and 1976, it was with wines made largely from – you guessed it – Langhorne Creek fruit!

These days Wolf is busy with the Wolf Blass Gallery and Museum, a project under the Wolf Blass Foundation Inc., in Hahndorf but maintains a connection with us here at Bleasdale, with Wolf’s barrel Solera system now calling Bleasdale home (see photo below). 

A solera system is used to blend wines of different ages to create a consistent non-vintage blend, often used in fortified winemaking, and this is exactly what makes Wolf’s Grand Prestige Solera Rare Blend so good - a blend of wines from 1927, 1977 and 1987!

To celebrate the long-standing relationship between Wolf and Bleasdale, we’re offering a limited release two-pack featuring 1 x Bleasdale NV Grand Tawny and 1 x Grand Prestige Solera Rare Blend just in time for Father’s Day! Check it outhere.