Grapes for Good - a partnership with Zoos SA and Monarto Safari Park

Doing a little good with every glass you pour.

Earlier this year, one of our neighbours, Nicole Clark (Director ofKimbolton Wines), in partnership with theMonarto Safari Parkteam, released a 'cheetah' wine - a Kimbolton wine dressed up in a cheetah-printed sleeve - where every bottle sold contributed funds towards vital cheetah conservation.

Monarto Safari Park is a world-class facility doing incredible work for the conservation of many species of animals. Located just 25 minutes from Bleasdale and Langhorne Creek, many of us are frequent visitors to the park and have been lucky enough to see these animals up close.

Unfortunately, more than 70% of the species at Monarto Safari Park are threatened with extinction in the wild.

So to help save more species from extinction, we along with four other Langhorne Creek wineries, have joined Kimbolton in partnering with Zoos SA and Monarto Safari Park to create the 'Grapes for Good' trail.

The 'Grapes for Good' initiative is proof that wine can be a force for good. We have joined fellow Langhorne Creek wineries Kimbolton Wines, Bremerton, Lake Breeze, The Winehouse and Vineyard Road to create a unique mix of six wines that will help fill your cellars while also supporting Zoos SA's conservation missions.

The wine we have chosen for the Grapes for Good selection is none other than our Mulberry Tree Cabernet Sauvignon, raising funds for the Plains Zebra.You can buy some for yourself here!

Why not follow our Langhorne Creek 'Grapes for Good' trail and collect all six wines for yourself?