A baby Zebra named Tamu

Introducing Tamu!

Thanks to our partnership with Monarto Safari Park and the Grapes for Good initiative, when a new Zebra calf was born over at Monarto in late February, we were able to offer our customers and members the chance to help name the new arrival.

The team at Zoos SA provided a shortlist of three names to be voted on. Names were chosen from the Swahili language, and all started with the letter 'T', to fit with all the other Zebra names at Monarto Safari Park.

The three name choices were:

  • Tembea – meaning walk around/travel (zebras travel great distances daily, and you can travel around the Langhorne Creek wine region - starting at Bleasdale of course!)
  • Tamu - meaning delicious/sweet (the little foal is sweet and wine delicious)
  • Taratibu - meaning slowly (representing wine maturing slowly)

Voting could be completed online or in our cellar door, and at the end of the voting period, the name with the most votes (over 50%) was 'Tamu'.

We're thrilled to have been able to play a part in naming this adorable Zebra calf and can't wait to go visit him at Monarto Safari Park!